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Frequently Asked Questions

At Box Catering, we know good catering, good events and good food – inside and out. Since 2009, we have helped hundreds of customers like you on every conceivable event – birthday catering, wedding catering, party catering, corporate catering and so much more. And, while each event is different and we always make your specific needs our full focus, there are some questions that simply come up again and again. This page addresses most of them. If your query is not answered here, just contact us.

Why should I choose Box Catering for my event?2019-03-12T13:58:55+11:00

We are the only caterer based in Sydney that has 100% 5-star reviews of our service. This reflects our love of food and love of sharing it with customers. In delivering high-quality catering to every single event, we go further and think of things that you may not have considered. It’s one of the main benefits of our vast experience. Even better, all of our staff are committed professionals, dedicated to creating exceptional events and offering the best value and quality of food and service possible.

What is Box Catering?2019-03-12T13:58:29+11:00

Box Catering is the easiest and simplest way to organise catering at your next event. Our chefs can assist you in designing your own menu, or you can simply choose from our available options. From scratch, we prepare and cook items from a huge menu – from finger foods to boxed meals. Our key difference is we then deliver this award-winning food to you in temperature-controlled boxes specially engineered by Cambro. These high-tech boxes keep your food at the perfect temperature – hot or cold – until your event and guests are ready.

What is a Cambro Hot or Cold Box?2019-03-12T13:57:36+11:00

Cambro’s range of “Insulated Food Carrier” solutions has been engineered to keep your meals, snacks and refreshments at the perfect temperature until you are ready to serve. They are similar in concept to, but far more advanced than, the trolley boxes used by airlines. Our Cambro boxes are sealed, powered and temperature controlled – hot food stays hot, cold food stays cold. There’s no fear of spoiling, flies or sogginess. What it all means is your event schedule is no longer dictated by the kitchen.

How will you ensure that warm food arrives warm on delivery?2019-03-12T13:56:43+11:00

Your food will be delivered on presentation platters that fit inside temperature-controlled boxes. These boxes plug in and their heating units keep the food at the correct eating and food-safe temperature. Your waiters can work directly from these boxes to place amazing hot food onto tables or serving areas the instant it is needed. If you have elected for drop-off catering, you will be able to serve the food from these boxes and use them to keep other food hot throughout your event. Once finished, simply return the platters to the boxes, close the door and we will collect them the next business day.

How will my order arrive? Do I need to put the food onto platters when it is delivered?2019-03-12T13:55:34+11:00

All of our food is delivered ready to serve. When your food has been delivered, our delivery person will have removed the covering from any food items that should be unwrapped in advance. They will show you if any of the food items require you to add a sauce or garnish before serving. Then, you are ready to serve whenever it suits your event.

Do you cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free?2019-03-12T13:54:37+11:00

Yes, we cater for all dietary requirements. We’re more than happy to accommodate any special dietary needs your guests may have. Remember, we cook everything from scratch. For your convenience, we have indicated which menu items cater to or can be altered for special dietary requirements using the following keys:

(v) = vegetarian; (gf) = gluten free; (df) = dairy free; (vegan) = vegan.

Intolerances and allergies will be accommodated as best possible, however please be aware that other orders may contain egg, shellfish, nuts, etc., and these are prepared using the same equipment unless we are otherwise notified. Our chefs are industry professionals trained in cross-contamination procedures. They are painstaking in their controls. Yet, while all care will be taken, no responsibility will be assumed.

Where is the food I have ordered prepared?2019-03-12T13:54:00+11:00

We have a large commercial kitchen located only a 10-minute drive from the Sydney CBD. Our kitchen is Gold Licence-approved for preparing our full and extensive catering menu. Our talented team of chefs have all the relevant qualifications and experience necessary to prepare amazing food to delight your guests.

Who can offer me advice on portion size, menu choices and pricing?2019-03-12T13:53:28+11:00

Our Catering Service Team and Events Managers are deeply experienced in assisting you with all manner of event-planning considerations. We just love helping create events and will be delighted to assist you with planning your menu, staffing requirements, equipment hire and even styling and design. Please call our office for assistance and we will put you in touch with the right person.

How do I know if Box Catering events are qualified to handle my requirements?2019-03-12T13:52:49+11:00

Box Catering is a Gold Licensed caterer, accredited by the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of Australia. Fewer caterers hold this official licence than you may expect. The licence affirms that we enforce strict quality controls to ensure that the catering you receive is exactly what you ordered and of the highest quality. The reviews that we get from our clients give us great confidence that we are more than capable of achieving amazing events no matter the circumstances.

Are you able to provide staff and equipment hire?2019-03-12T13:52:21+11:00

We offer a range of staffing solutions including chefs, wait staff, event managers, beverage attendants and cocktail bartenders. All of our staff are professionally trained with the relevant qualifications (e.g. RSA certified) and are impeccably groomed and dressed in full uniform attire. They are friendly, discreet and efficient – true professionals. We are also able to provide certain items of equipment from our own stocks and will arrange any other requirements from our suppliers at very reasonable rates.

What happens with the Box Catering equipment after my event?2019-03-12T13:51:48+11:00

After you have enjoyed your meal, please place any items to be picked up back in the box and then place the boxes in a secure place undercover. If you were using powered boxes, they can be switched off at this point.

When will you collect the platters and boxes my order was delivered in?2019-03-12T13:51:17+11:00

One of our drivers will collect the equipment the next business day, unless other arrangements are made. Platters are picked up within 3 days of delivery – usually the next business day.

Will I be charged for lost or damaged equipment?2019-03-12T13:50:44+11:00

Lost or damaged equipment is charged at the replacement cost. It is your responsibility to ensure the equipment is stored safely until we are able to arrange collection.

Do you provide disposable napkins, plates, cups and cutlery with catering orders?2019-03-12T13:50:09+11:00

We provide complimentary disposable napkins for all catering, and plastic forks are included with all of the noodle box meals. All other disposable items can be arranged by us for an additional fee at the time of ordering.

How do I place an order?2019-03-12T13:48:46+11:00

The quickest and most effective way of placing your order is through our website. Upon receiving it, our staff will contact you and assist you with designing the most appropriate menu for your needs. Our team can even assist you with overall event planning.

Methods of ordering:

What methods of payment do you accept?2019-03-12T13:46:21+11:00

When placing your order online, you will be prompted to select a payment method of:

  • Credit card
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT).

This will be processed through our payment gateway.

How will I be invoiced?2019-03-12T13:45:23+11:00

Invoices are sent via email with your booking confirmation. Payment methods available include credit card, cash and direct deposit.

Are your prices inclusive of GST?2019-03-12T14:02:35+11:00

Yes. All prices quoted include GST.

I’ve placed my order – what’s next?2019-03-12T13:42:25+11:00

Upon receipt of your order, one of our catering service team will call you to discuss and confirm the details of your requirements. We will then process your order and you will receive confirmation and an invoice via email.

How do I know you have received my order?2019-03-12T13:41:54+11:00

Whenever an order is placed, our catering service team will call you to discuss and confirm all the details. Your order will then be processed and you will receive an order confirmation and invoice via email. If you have not received a call and a booking confirmation it means we have not yet processed your order. If you’re unsure on whether we have received your order, please call us immediately.

How do you ensure my order will be delivered on time?2019-03-12T13:41:23+11:00

We understand that delivery time is a major concern. Box Catering allows a 30-minute delivery window on all orders. We plan to arrive at the start of that delivery window to allow for any delays and to ensure your catering is never late. Remember, all of our food is delivered in temperature-controlled boxes that we leave with you so that it will remain in perfect condition until you are ready to serve.

Can I set up a corporate account for my office catering?2019-03-12T13:40:55+11:00

In many cases, we’re happy to set up corporate catering terms for returning customers. Please contact our customer service team via email or on 02 9418 3170 for further advice on how we can assist you.

What is the minimum number of people you cater for?2019-03-12T13:40:09+11:00

There is no minimum number of guests. However, you will need to make a minimum order of $300 and many of our items have minimum amounts that can be prepared. A general guide is that a $300 order of finger food is enough to delight a cocktail party of 15 to 20 people.

Can you cater at the last-minute?2019-03-12T13:38:58+11:00

We understand that event planning is a fast-paced world. We’re here to help you keep up! We understand that you, the event organiser, may not be given much time to pull together an event that needs catering. Where possible, we can meet last-minute orders. Yes, we can create extraordinary events, even at the 11th hour! Simply give our friendly service team a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll do our very best to accommodate your order. Please note that some menu items have a preparation time of at least 48 hours.

Do I need to provide you with advance notice when placing an order for drop-off catering?2019-03-12T13:38:21+11:00

To be sure we’re able to meet your catering needs, it is a good idea to give us as much notice as possible. If you’re not completely ready to place the order online straight away, perhaps send us an email letting us know that you will be placing an order in future. We can then ensure that we keep space for you. If your order is last minute, we’ll make every endeavour to cater for your needs.

Can I change my order?2019-03-12T13:37:46+11:00

To make a change to your order, whether it is to accommodate more or fewer guests, or to change food items, please reply to your booking confirmation email or phone our customer service staff on 02 9418 3170 as soon as you can. We need as much notice as possible. Orders that are changed at the last minute will be accommodated to the best of our ability, however some aspects of an order may not be able to be varied if notice is given less than 48 hours prior to expected delivery.

Cancellations of orders2019-03-12T13:37:15+11:00

Orders can be cancelled until 72 hours prior to delivery. Any cancellations after this time are subject to Box Catering’s discretion. It may not be possible to refund all or even part of an order that is cancelled after this time due to ordering and preparation lead times. Please contact us as soon as you suspect you might need to make changes.

How do I cancel my order and how much notice do I need to give you?2019-03-12T13:36:29+11:00

To cancel your order, please phone our customer service staff on 02 9418 3170. In the event that a confirmed order is cancelled, the following cancellation charges apply:

  • Notice of 3 or more working days prior: No charges apply.
  • Notice of less than 3 working days but before 3PM of the day prior to delivery: A fee of 50% of the full invoice price may be charged to compensate for food and labour costs already incurred.
  • Notice after 3PM of the day prior to your order: 100% of the invoice price will be charged.

To view our full Terms and Conditions of Trade click here.

What are your times of delivery?2019-03-12T13:34:43+11:00